87 Responses to “Samsung PC Share V2.3 Available”

  1. Edgar Durão Says:

    Won’t work on Windows 7 64 bit. Don’t have an explanation. Anyone knows any trick to do it?

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Sorry to hear it. So no XP/Vista compatibility modes? Or maybe a 32-bit install directory?

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Hey! Just heard back from a friend who said it worked for him. I assume you have the latest v2.3 setup and are up to date on Win7 patches. And did you go into policy and allow your TV to access the computer 🙂

  2. Edgar Durão Says:

    OK. Back to your blog. After some testing i’ve found that this version 2.3 is completely functional with 7 64 bit. Amazing.

    No problems with firewall, or other.

    Basically i’ve found the problem is that i’ve to do a Refresh DB so i can play the files on tv. For some reason they’re appear but cannot be played, and the Samsung Software has suffer from severe crashes.

    All smooth now with this version. The only bug until now, is that i’ve unshared some folders, Refreshed the DB, and stuff not shared now continues to be playable on the TV. Had some trouble to delete the DB, but now it’s cool.

    Other thing is that seems to be a file size limit…. All my films about 2GB appears on the correct size, but the ones above are reported on the TV as 2.0 GB. I’ve not yeat established that if it causes the movies to stop at half…

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Glad to hear things are going better, Edgar. I know that I am always doing the Refresh DB and even shutting it down to remove empty folders within the share path. As well I know under winXP files can be 10GB+, so here’s hoping there isn’t some bug in Windows 7 causing problems.
      Did you install using NTFS in Win7? Not sure if FAT32 is even an option, but if it was that could be the problem.

  3. Filip Says:

    Where did you get the DNLA Share Manager 2.3? I have version 2.0 on my pc but can’t find the update (although someone wrote that it is available in the Netherlands) WHere do you find it on the Samsung website?


  4. Paul Weiszmann Says:


    There appears to be a new version of PC Share Manager (ver 2.3). When I run the installer, it tells me that there currently is an older (other) version which needs to be uninstalled first. Only problem is that PC Share Manager version 2.1 does NOT show up in the Windows Add/Remove program. Having an installer / uninstaller would really be helpful Samsung.


    PS I love my LN46B650 – It rocks….. But the software sux.

  5. Paul Weiszmann Says:

    I figured out a way to get rid of PC Share Manager 2.1. I do NOT suggest this manner as if you make an error, you can destroy your Windows Registry.

    1) Start>Run>regedit
    2) Make sure you backup your registry using the File>Export option
    3) Next click on Edit>Find and search for PC Share
    4) Once you find the entry, carefully delete the entire key
    5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have no more hits
    6) Go into the directory that currently contains version 2.1 and delete the file folder.
    7) You now can install the new version of Pc Share Manager

    PS thankfully the new version 2.3 does have an uninstall program.

    Hope this helps as Samsung Technical Support are a bunch of useless geeks that will help you find the program that you need but will NOT help you either install or uninstall it. Let’s hear it for supported software.

  6. Mike Says:

    Guy’s I have a computer that I have the operating system running on a solid state hard drive and the programs mapped to two 500 gig Raid 1 hard drives. Every time I install PC Share manager it defaults to my documents and it my case that is the e-drive. It tries to load everything on the drive. Is there a way to stop this default share option? I tried just stopping it after the install to prevent this but when you refresh it starts loading again. I am going to try v2.3 but I doubt that has been changed.

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Mike, I am sure I am missing something but right click on the share (right pane) and select unshare folder which should get you want you want.

  7. Hix Says:


    I have a Windows XP SP3 PC. I cant install the PC Share Manager v.2.3. The Intall shield says ” Error:1628″.
    Iahve intalled it alredy on a other PC. This PC runs Windows 7 64-bit and avarything is fine.
    Is it some specific Windows XP problem?

    I would be very appriciated for help.


  8. John Poer Says:

    OK..I have spent hours (no kidding) wandering around in the Samsung support site…trying to find instructions for actually setting up the PC SHARE MANAGER.

    I have installed it…and it APPEARS to be working. I managed to get it to mark some folders as shared…and the TV (PN50B650) “sees” the computer, but that is as far as I get. “Recquest Can Not be Completed.Media Play…..” is the response to any choice.

    IF there is an actual Manual for this clunky software…I would love to download it…but I haven’t been able to find it … AND …can someone tell me how to tell a Win7 machine to let the TV talk to it.

    (FWIW the Internet connection works perfectly…and the automatic Software Updated system is working…the Widgets work…so the connection to the wireless is working.)

    • samsungdlna Says:

      I’ve seen that when it isn’t actually sharing anything, which can happen if you try and share a mapped drive. So all I can get to work is local drives.

    • Paul Weiszmann Says:

      John, I have a few suggestions. To my knowledge, you may need a hardwired network connection to use the Samsung PC Manager. The wireless connection will work for the widgets but may not work for the PC Share Manager. At least that’s what I was told by Samsung technical support.

      One other matter is setting device policy. In the Samsung PC Manager program, look under the menu option called Share. There will be an option called Set Device Policy. Ensure that your TV’s state is set to accepted.

      If you have all that configured correctly, click on the Set Changed State button on the toolbar to refresh and hopefully you’ll be in business.

  9. Douglas Brady Says:

    I have LN52B750, Samsung PC Share Manager 2.3, Wired ethernet network, Set Device Policy to accept/ok. I watch an .avi video and after a few minutes, I am disconnected by Media P. What can I do to prevent this? Thank you.

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Myself I’ve only seen this when the computer running PC Share Manager is running slow. Have you checked it to see if the system is over taxed? As well what kind of traffic do you have on your network, are you running 10/100 or Gigabit with a router or switch? In case you aren’t aware a switch running Gigabit would be best.

      • Douglas Brady Says:

        Dell Latitude D820, WinXP SP3, T2400 Processor @1.83 GHZ, 2 GB memory. Same Avi files run fine directly on computer. At most, there is one other person on my network. I also have two printers, Directv DVR, and Panasonic BluRay on network. DLink Router DIR-655 Firmware 1.21(. The DIR-655 also includes a 4-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit switch that connects Gigabit wired devices for enjoying lag-free network gaming and faster file transfers) with two Dlink DES-1108 switches between the router and the tv, all hardwired ethernet cat5e. LAN stats Sent : 14652465 . Received : 9467900 .
        TX Packets Dropped : 2 .
        Collisions : 0 .
        RX Packets Dropped : 0 .
        Errors : 0 .

        When I spoke with Samsung Tech they said I need to turn off my firewall but could not specifically advise re: how this is done. Your thoughts?

      • samsungdlna Says:

        OK, so the firewall could be on your WinXP PC, if you use it:

        • Go to START
        • Control Panel
        • Security Center
        • Firewall is at the top
        • open the tab and see if you are using the Windows firewall
        • and if it says ON for the status

        I assume that this Dell is your gateway to the Internet, that you don’t have anything else between it and the modem that gives you access to the Internet. If that is the case it means that everything including your DVR, BlueRay and printers as well as the PC Share Manager have to run through your Dell. This might be the real problem. So what I’d suggest is disconnecting all other devices and trying to use just the DLNA functionality on your TV. If you find that this works then it would seem to me that too much work is being done by all the devices on your network.

      • Douglas Brady Says:

        Me again. I disconnected the Bluray, directv, printer, printer server and basically unplugged the network switch with any other devices on it. The other switch has only the Samsung TV on it. Also, on PC share manager there were two devices recognized and I denied the non Samsung device, probably the bluray…before I disconnected it. The TV is accepted. Otherwise, I do not use Windows firewall…I use Webroot’s Spy Sweeper for which I have added all exe files associated with PC share manager. A movie file .avi will play anywhere from 2-10 minutes, and then abruptly “Media Play disconnecting device PC share manager”. I eliminated both network switches which could have limited data rate as they were each 10/100 not 1000. I measured the rate at my network card on the computer and it was 1 GBPS. What are your thoughts then at this point? Could the firewall within the router be the culprit and if so, how would I address that? Thank you for your thoughts and your time!

      • samsungdlna Says:

        Well first off I’d blame Webroot, my own personal experience is that it can be a CPU/HDD hog. That aside, this process is about elimination. So if I were you I’d shutdown whatever was necessary for the DLNA, including Webroot, and anything else between the PC and the TV. As to the router, check your routers web site:
        Dlink DES-1108
        DLink Router DIR-655
        Usually the router will have an HTTP interface, or at least the DLINKs I’ve seen do.

        Good luck.

  10. Floris Says:

    I have a Samsung LE37B650 tv and I recently bought a Dell Studio XPS 8000 with Windows 7 64 bit.

    I installed Samsung PC Share Manager 2.3 but I can’t get it to work. When I browse through my files the programm seems to hang or it just doesn’t show the right folder. I need to shut the programm down and restart it in order to be able to browse again.

    Furthermore when I choose a folder I want to share the programm sais it can only share folder items, which is strange because that’s exactly what I’m trying to share..! These folders are on an external drive. I am able to share folders on my local drive.

    Help anyone? Thanx in advance…


    • samsungdlna Says:

      I think this is a known limitation on PC Share Manager, in that it can only share files on the local drives. See this post.

      • Floris Says:

        Hi there, thanx for your reply. This is strange because on my former pc I used the same external harddisk and I could share all my documents just fine… That was an XP machine, maybe Windows 7 addresses the external drive differently..?

        Anyway, any ideas on the other problem I have, about not being able to browse through my files normally? 😉

        Thanks again.

      • samsungdlna Says:

        Sorry, I’m still on WinXP. Maybe someone else can help you with this part.

  11. Douglas Brady Says:

    I shut off the Webroot Firewall, Windows Firewall, no success. I tried using the Internet TV widget Showtime and was able to run an entire episode of Tudors without loss of signal. Since I can run an entire episode of Tudors, do I assume that the Dlink router is not the problem? Since Webroot and Windows Firewalls are shut off, should I assume the problems remains with Samsung DLNA? Would increasing the RAM from 2 to 4 GB be a meaningful change with regard to this issue?

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Increasing the RAM can’t hurt but maybe there is another test. If you can watch your PC while using DLNA, maybe remote desktop into it, and run Task Manager. See if the PC Share Manager application spikes before the error occurs. As well have you checked your HDD(s) recently, both for fragmentation and any SMART errors? I admit I’m grasping at straws here but as you don’t seem to have bandwidth issues, giving your InternetTV widget testing, it seems the PC is all that’s left.

    • G.I.Smurf Says:

      Have you checked your sleep parameters? Maybe your machine is just shutting some things (like the HDD) down while you are not using it and watching TV.

  12. Pelle Says:

    I recieved my new home theatre and samsung dlna stick today. I’ve set up the system and plugged in the dlna. I have also downloaded the pc share manager. BUT when i try to set the policy to accept my bluray-system/samsungtv I don’t get any options. I just get a blanc box. I would really like to stream my music wireless from my computer to my home theater. I run windows 7 64 bit.

    Can anyone help me?


  13. Gardian Says:

    I am trying to find out if the PC Share Manager will work on HP EX470. I know the HP Media servers use win home server [win 2003 server] and PC sheare manager is for XP and vista, but, I would think that PC Share Manager would be written to take advantage of the Windows home server since that is where I have 80 gigs of mp3 and over 200 dvd’s.

    Anybody got any thoughts on this. I think I will try to install it, but hope it doesn’t do anything bad.

  14. Syarconde Says:

    I have instaled v2.32 on my windows 7 64 bit computer. But nothing shows up in “Device policy” not even my own computer. My dads computer (Win XP) can share pictures and movies with the television, but I can’t. I can also only share folders and not specific files in the program (nothing shows up on the television though).

    My dads computer finds mine in the program as “Unknown device” but can’t enter anything at all that I have shared. I’ce checked the firewall and thats not the problem, anyone have any ideas?

    • G.I.Smurf Says:

      I’d guess either your TV isn’t turned on, or it’s not getting a connection, or something set in the TV is preventing it from getting an address. As long as it has an IP address, it should be visible to the network. Verify that it’s on and acquiring an IP address from whatever gives out DHCP on your network setup.

  15. Gardian Says:

    Well, I installed 2.33 on my HP EX470 media server and no-joy.
    It only will index maybe half on my content and then I get a Error [Server has stopped unexspectedly-Restart]. Then when I reboot, I get a Error [Wiselinkpro.exe failed] or something like that.
    I uninstalled 2.33 and went with Twonky, it works fine. Hope this helps Samsung for the next version.
    Good luck

  16. Gersom Says:

    I have a series 8000. The Share Manager was working great until a few days ago. It just stopped. Now I only get a frozen blank page when I open it up. What happened??? How can I get it back??? I have Windows XP.

  17. Russ Says:


    I had Samsung’s Share Manager installed for a “trial run” on my Win 7 PC, but didn’t like it. After uninstalling it, the DLNA entry is still showing on my TV (UN55B7100W) menu. How do I get it off the menu? If there’s not an easy way, is there a way to default the TV back to factory parameters?

  18. NELSoN Says:

    WELL, I BOUGHT BLURAY C6500 WITH WIRELESS ACCESS, THE VERSION 4.03 pc share manager SEEMS TO DISCOnnect every 1 minutes… after frustrating for 4 hours, i have figure out a way to beat this thing,

    I install the version 2.3 pc share manager from the above link…and it works….the only thing is that my bluray didn’t see my divx video, just avi and mkv and dvd folder…because I don’t have a lot of divx video it doesn’t matter much..

    I notice the wireless signal from the neighborhood cause the signal from bluray player to drop out that how it keeps disconnecting……

    The only way that my bluray see my laptop folder “movie/music”, make sure you setup your router to be compatible with your bluray..the wireless encryption must set to — Wpa, psk, aes —this work for wireless only….

    p.s version 4.03 pc share manager is not stable version, use version 2.3

  19. NELSoN Says:

    If anyone have problem with your bluray, you can contact me at lotus@velcom.ca, we will work together to solve the issue…. I want to help you out…

  20. lee Says:

    i have pc share manager 2.3 seemingly working fine and connecting to my tv ok. Problem is that it hardly plays any divx files? if i use windows media player instead, as my server, i can play any file, but they show on the tv in their original size ( small ) the fit to screen option only enlarges them a little . pc share manager seems to be playing my movies at full screen size, but is very selective about what it will play. Is this a codec thing? any suggestions on how to resolve it. The dnla feature and streaming movies is one of the main reasons i bought a new tv.. so far its been pretty useless.

  21. icke Says:

    The Samsung support informs that PC Share Manager is not compatible with Windows 7 but it can be used with Windows XP and Vista. Bad luck for some of us.

  22. xtasy Says:

    I’m using PS Share Manager since v2.2 under WinXPSP2. All of versions including current (2.33) has the same bug. While trying to update shared folders it crashes with some MKV-movies which has chapters included. If i remove chapters from those mkvs – no error happens. Its funny 2 read ur comments like:”As for dixv, haven’t focused on them much as MKVs seem to be much better.” So u mean u focuced on mkv much more…

    An other side of my confusion is why it share movies (and even create screnshots) which anyway can’t be played on tv due to some unsupported/rare audio or video codec ? And why it sometimes don’t create screenshots to some movies which plays ok on tv?

    An last one. Why PC Share Manager? Why not just samba or FTP-server OR simple HTTP-server or some other service which needs no updates and works like some network service and always is up to date?

    • samsungdlna Says:

      I haven’t had the problem you mention for MKVs, and I wasn’t aware that they had chapter functionality. I assume that is not part of the DLNA specification and so they won’t work. For me DIVXs almost never work, so I say away from them generally. I don’t know why it shares movies it can’t play, if you can get answer to that from Samsung that would be worth posting here or elsewhere. Well I am not sure how to answer your last question, this site is about my Samsung HDTV that uses DLNA to share movies so that is what I use and write about. Sure some generic file sharing protocol would be better assuming the TV could be loaded with the necessary codecs. I am sure there are devices you can buy do that, so if you want to let us know how it goes using your Samsung TV I’ll approve the posts so others can benefit from your experience.

      Good luck!

  23. xtasy Says:

    Sorry, I thought it’s Samsung PC Share Manager developper’s blog.
    Since I have Samsung oled wv7k TV I use this buggy PC Share Manager and i’d found that TV works fine with most DIVX/XVID movies but have many bugs with mkvs. Did u update ur tv’s firmware? I did it twice but found no improvements.

    I’m curious why samsung had choose third party programm like PCSM instead of samba or something like since the tv drives by linux anyway.

  24. xtasy Says:

    Additionally I have min. 2 mkvs which plays fine on PC and which PCSM simply ignores and wond add them to it’s db for whatching by tv. That’s stupid!
    Damn! The only question im asking myself again and again is – why that dumb PCSM!? Who needs to research a bike nowadays?!WTH?

  25. xtasy Says:

    I’ve discovered that those mkv’s ignored by PCSM had a lot of subtitles (18 lngs) Reducing the number of it was the solution. I guess people should know about it 😉 Now and finally i can watch those movies.
    2 remove items (audio tracks, subtitles, chapters etc.) from mkv-container i recommend to use the “mkvmerge GUI” tool.
    Another thing is that the tv doesnt support the multi-audio-movies like most of mkvs i’ve ever met (my native lng is not english). But good thing is tv still plays those movies but uses only default or first audio track. And the problem comes in then that 1st audio track in DTS-format – tv wont play it. In that case i recomment u2 use the “MKV_Audio_Converter” prog which can convert DTS to AC3 and then u can watch the movie. I did it a few times anf it really helps.
    I can’t provide links to download listed programs because i cant remember where i find it. But google remember and can help 😉

    Hope this info was helpful and useful…

    • samsungdlna Says:

      Thanks for the note on “MKV_Audio_Converter” as I’ve ignored a lot of content because it was in DTS.

  26. Andy Says:

    Can only share folder items: fixed

    You cannot share items on external/USB disks or network shares.

    Get around this by using junction from SysInternals to create a symbolic link (junction) from -say- c:\Movies pointing to g:\Movies

    In this example c:\ is internal system drive.
    g:\ is external drive letter.

    junction.exe c:\Movies g:\Movies

    Then share c:\movies with share manager and it will follow the link, providing content form external disk.





    • samsungdlna Says:

      Thanks for the tip!

    • orthodoxdrew Says:

      While that will work, I simply mounted the external drive as a folder on a local hard drive. You can add this to whatever drive letter already assigned so as to not interrupt other shares.

      • samsungdlna Says:

        Glad to hear there are simple solutions to the drive sharing problem. Keep these tips coming!

      • Carl Says:


        Your solution for the pc share manager issue posted back in August seems like a good one.

        Can you tell me how I would mount an external hard drive to the local hard drive?

        I would assume it’s pretty simple, but don’t want to mess anything up.

        Can’t believe Samsung would limit sharing to only the local drive, especially when people with lots of media are going to put them on Ext. Drives.

        Thanks again


      • Cassie Says:

        Can you please tell me how to mount an external drive to the local. This is the exact problem I am having, but have no idea how to do this step.

        Thank you.

      • samsungdlna Says:

        I haven’t done this myself but I think it is as easy as installing the software and then creating a link. See the comment:
        Good luck!

    • Carl Says:


      Great stuff, but those of us that are not experts, can you provide detail on where you go to type in the stuff to create the symbolic link? In other words, where do I type in “junction.exe c:\ …..”


      • samsungdlna Says:

        In looking at the MS link to the software, it appears to be a DOS command window. So type CMD in the START, Run line and then assuming you have the software installed, you should be able to enter the command.
        If it works for you, please post back here letting folks know as there seems to be a lot of interest.
        Good luck!

  27. ETFairfax Says:

    I can’t get this working for me! Any tips?

    I have….

    1. A Sumsung Blu-Ray BDC5500 plugged it into my router.
    2. A laptop running windows 7 and have installed Samsung PC Share Manager version 2.3

    When I click “Share > Set Device Policy” my BDC5500 isn’t listed.

    Any ideas?



    • samsungdlna Says:

      Try looking in Windows Network Places to see if you see the Blu-Ray. It should show up as a Media Device (?). Also I wonder if you can’t do this because PC Share Manager wants to see something that can show content, and your Blu-Ray can only send content not show it, right? Not sure as I don’t have one. 😦

  28. Roger Says:


    Just bought a BD-C8500. It is connected via wired LAN. I have installed Samsung PC Share 2.4 on both my Windows 7 x64 and a Windows XP Pro, added som local folders and enabled the BD-C8500 in “Share > Set device Policy”. The BD-C8500 finds the computer (both) and I can see all the folders, but when I enter them, there is no files. I have *.avi, *.mkv but it only shows folders.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards

  29. Roger Says:

    Sorry, no luck. Now I only have one folder to test with. There is one file, a *.avi file, but the BD-C8500 will not show it. I have reinstalled the Samsung PC Share 2.4 a couple of times with no change in result.

    Any more ideas?


  30. xtacy Says:

    I’ve found 2day a pervect program! It calls Home Media Server which u can dl here http://www.homemediaserver.ru/page10.php. Actual version is 1.15. I don’t know if it supports other lng then russian…
    It is a replace for programs like Samsung PC Share manager and it has numerous benefits like list of supported devices (including Samsung’s TVs) several working modes (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP etc). This HMS is simply UNCOMPARAPLE with Samsung’s PCSM!. PCSM looks like a piece of damn shit right now!
    HMS could be configured online via TV’s browser (including turning HMS off and restarting it :-0 ), it doesn’t require any updating process like PCSM (after adding resources), it shares ALL THE PC starting from the “My Computer” point so you could simply access any folder on any HDD of s server’s PC, it could share network resources (shares) and any USB/removable media etc. It’s just FANTASTIC program! It is strongly recommended 4all of u! Just forget about PCSM!

  31. Niels Says:

    You can find SAMSUNG PC SHARE MANAGER HERE!!!!!! ;-))

    Took me a long time to find it…


  32. Kurt Says:

    Wow im tired of this

    I have windows 7 64 bit

    and i had the older version installed

    then i wanted to upgrade to 4.2

    but i get an error about a temp error

    anyone else with same error?

    by now the window 7 should be supported or am i wrong?

  33. mAgz Says:


    I still have a problem with the uninstall…

    Tried to delete all in the registery +++
    When i try to run the setup file i get message “Another version blablabla…Add or remove prog in Controlpanel; {2A2E822B-3N0E-9E3B-ACD7D1E95139} ”

    There is no program to remove in the add/remove…..
    HELP? =)


  34. SB Says:

    I get a new PS50C550 but have trouble to connect it to home network .
    whwn I check the network i get the following message
    MAC (ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff)
    Wrong MAC address
    Any idea?

  35. Chappington Says:

    Just installed Samsung PC Share Manger 4.2 on Windows 7 64 bit PC.

    Every thing appears OK and I can see my MP3 music files on the TV. If I select a track the screen says it is being loaded and then I get the message
    ! Not a supported file format
    Any ideas ?

  36. AC73 Says:

    Samsung – is there a more recent version than v4.2? Tried just about everything & every version. Must’ve hit all of the ridiculous error messages from “Another installation is already in progress” to all the other install errors various users have had. I’m a software engineer & this is probably the poorest engineered software I’ve ever had the misfortune to work with.

    Is there a patch that actually addresses real issues?

    Thanks, AC73

  37. tony scott Says:

    Hello , I am trying to share movie files from a external Hd via and it say ( can only share folder items ) . If I copy the movie to my desktop and share there no issue. What am I doing work or will this not work ?

    • samsungdlna Says:

      PCSM doesn’t support external drives but others have said this works:


      good luck!

    • Burt Says:

      Hi I’m Burt, in fact PCSM doesexternal drives. Just make sure any connected external drives are formatted in old FAT 32 (not NTFS) before storing media in it. It works like a charm afterwards and you will be able to see all the files in the external drive, once plugged-in to your usb connection on your tv.

    • Burt Says:

      Sorry for the typo, I meant to say “in fact PCSM does support external drives.”

      One more thing, don’t forget after you plug in your external drive and your tv media app has started, you need to use the red button on your tv remote to select the external drive as the source..so you can browse and play its contents. Keep in mind not all file formats are supported.


  38. Paul Says:

    I have A blueray samsung 6300 . the stearming works fine if there only one server that the blueray sees.I have installed windows 7 . & the windows media player as a built-in server . When i try streaming . the BD player keeps disconnecting randomly (within sec to minutes). If i de-activate the windows mediaplayer ,all is good . Is their any solution to this .

  39. hector Says:

    hi , my samsung bd-6500 blu ray player detects the allshare on my laptop but not on my pc… it was working fine before is there any way to make it work like it was?

    • samsungdlna Says:

      I do not have a blu ray player but I’d check the policy on the PC PCSM. Click Share and then Set Device Policy, to see if the blu ray shows up as ACCEPTED, if not then click the ACCEPT button.

  40. Nadeem Says:

    I am using the AllShare Software and it works perfect. You can share external drives or local drives. And they are more fast.

  41. john Says:

    i have the latest ver of Samsung all share sw, using it on win xp sp3, i have a problem, i can`t see the files or folder i share .. it says updating and then nothing appear. i tried to shut down firewall and antivirus, still same issue. i can see all my connected player 2 smart tvs. but the shared folder issue is cant be solved. i checked all windows service status & all network connection. i tried restarting the Samsung server, re-install it ,ore than once, update to net-frame 4.
    i even tried another pc

    • samsungdlna Says:

      I think the problem is allowing other devices to see the shares. You have to “Set Device Policy” under the Share pulldown. You should see a list of devices, and they’ll say Deny. Just change the ones you want to ACCEPT, and you should be able to see the share on those machines.
      Good luck!

  42. Macabeop Says:


    i´m using pc share v2.3 on w7 64bits to share movies and see then in my tv ue46c6530, and it runs fine.

    My problem is that Ihave lots of movies, and after a long time to refresh pc share, my tv can´t see all the movies. In TV, appears some empty folder, and in PC the folder can have 100 or 200 movies.

    Do you know if are there some lmitation on numbers of files that my tv can display?

    Can I solve it? and what about using other dlna server to solve this problem?

    Thanks for all

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